Sandip is from India and came to New Jersey for higher studies in Computer Science. After graduation he moved around from New Jersey to Texas to California, but finally decided to settle down in Atlanta to raise a family. During his time there, Sandip developed an interest in business and got an MBA from Georgia State University.

Sandip loves helping organizations of any size with significant challenges. He has particularly enjoyed working with international operations and cross-cultural issues. Sandip has worked in the oil and gas, telecommunication, and financial services industries. His new mission for the last few years has been to bring his expertise to the healthcare industry.

Learn a little more about Sandip:

Favorite Book

I don’t really have a favorite book, but favorite movies or TV series, yes. My favorite movie is Margin Call and favorite TV series is Breaking Bad.

Favorite Weekend Activity

Good breakfast, golf, cricket, tennis, watching movies, social gatherings, and catching up on sleep after any international trip.

Favorite Quote

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things.” - The Shawshank Redemption