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23 years ago our founder, Dr. Tony Dale, was misled on the cost of his knee surgery. He took control and negotiated his medical bill down to a fair amount. Ever since then, we've been helping others do the same.

Learn more about our Health Navigation & Bill Negotiation services below.

Healthcare Navigator

A concierge-style navigation service guiding members through a confusing healthcare system and driving cost savings while ensuring quality care.

Healthcare Navigation services include:

  • Physician / Specialist / Facility / Counseling Searches
  • Cost Comparisons for surgeries, prescriptions, imaging, MRI’s, lab work and more. (66% average savings)
  • Medicare / Medicaid Questions and Appeals
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Transferring medical records
  • Connect members with counseling services.

Bill Negotiator

A patient advocate driven bill negotiation service employing a unique negotiation strategy consisting of direct negotiation, reference-based repricing, and financial aid assistance to drive savings.

We've saved nearly $300 Million in medical bills for our clients with an average out-of-pocket savings for employees between 40% - 70%.

Bill Negotiation services involve:

  • Patient Advocates work directly with a member’s healthcare providers to help reduce their out-of-pocket medical bills to a fair price
  • Patient Advocates eliminate the stress, time and expense created by complex bills and add value for employers by saving employee’s time and energy

Improving your customer’s satisfaction

Your customers will be more satisfied knowing they have Karis360 services available for themselves, and their family members under age 26.
Our customers report:
99% Satisfaction Rating
63% Save Money
72% Save Time
68% Avoid Hassle

Our Members Love Us

"Picking up the phone and calling for help from someone you have never spoken to is uncomfortable and stressful. Especially when the subject matter is as complicated as Health Insurance. The Karis Group was a refreshing experience for my wife and I. They first listened to our concerns and in a very professional and warm way quickly explained what options we had and assured us they would be with us step by step in working toward a solution. NICE!"

"I don't even know how to begin to express the amount of gratitude I have towards everyone working at the Karis Group. Without the services the Karis group provided for my case, I would be in such a financial hardship... I am beyond appreciative for his services and would highly recommend anyone who is struggling through medical financial burdens to give the Karis group a call. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!"

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