Patient Advocacy before, during and after a healthcare event

Comprehensive people-centered services focused on making healthcare work. Creating personally relevant solutions developed for each member. Clients may elect to offer Karis360 services as a bundled solution for their customers, or may elect to offer a select service(s). Typically, our Karis360 services are offered as part of the clients existing insurance product or service, embedded in the policy itself, or sold as part of a package of services.


Jessica leads a team of expert Patient Advocates who focus on reducing member’s out-of-pocket portion of medical bills, significantly benefiting self-pay patients as well as those with insurance, often left with a sizable balance due caused by out-of-network charges.


Cindy has been associated with our team since its founding days. She focuses on helping members navigate the healthcare marketplace effectively, efficiently, and in a caring way that is uniquely Karis.


Myles in his role as Patient Advocate works on behalf of members to reduce the remaining out-of-pocket portion of medical bills for these families.

Healthcare Navigator

Members gain a resource and concierge-style service to help them through the chaos and confusion often associated with the healthcare marketplace. Our expert advisors will find everything needed quickly and thoroughly, including finding doctors and healthcare facilities in the member’s area, obtaining best available pricing for procedures and prescriptions and we can even schedule appointments or transfer medical records on behalf of our member. This service empowers members with knowledge and information to address nearly any healthcare issue while saving them significant time and money.

Surgery Saver

Surgery costs can vary greatly from facility to facility. With Surgery Saver, each member has access to an experienced advisor who will shop up to five surgical facilities in the member’s designated area to get the best price, quality, physician privileges, and availability for non-emergency procedures. With this information, members can make an informed decision and save money on their out-of-pocket medical bill expenses.

Bill Negotiator

When a member incurs large, out-of-pocket medical bills, their Karis360 advisor will assign a patient advocate to work directly with the member’s healthcare providers to help reduce their medical bills. We work proactively and positively with all involved to gain a solution — providers, facilities, hospitals, and the member themselves. Our team works person-to-person to make it happen. A member’s advocate can help lower the patient’s portion of the medical bills to something more manageable.

Chaplaincy Services

Often those dealing with the healthcare marketplace have received a diagnosis, have medical challenges, are struggling and could use comfort beyond the business-side of our services. Therefore, we provide on-call Chaplains, both male and female, available to spend time with our member on the phone, listening and providing support and encouragement. Sustaining, guiding, healing and reconciling, they help members find answers and direction.

Improving your customer’s satisfaction

Your customers will be more satisfied knowing they have Karis360 services available for themselves, and their family members under age 26, whenever its needed. When clients offer Karis360 services to their customers, as part of their insurance product or benefits offering, customer satisfaction scores and net promoter scores simply improve beyond what was possible before Karis360.


The Karis advisor was genuinely concerned about my situation and worked diligently on my behalf.

My advisor was the sweetest and most helpful person that I have come in contact with for a very long time.

We are very impressed and happy with the excellent help we received.

Karis360 does a great job getting prescription pricing for our members.

We are very impressed and happy with the excellent help our members and our team receives!


By offering our Karis360 solution, you’ll positively transform your customer’s healthcare experience while providing exemplary service that delivers superior results.

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