Comprehensive. Caring. Cost effective.

The core of Karis Health Choice is a non-insurance approach based on healthcare sharing, with plan design options that provide the employer choices in building a relevant benefits package for their employees.

Introducing Karis Health Choice

Learn more about our community centered approach – a key component of healthcare sharing and Karis Health Choice

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Putting a community of committed Christians together, perfect strangers, helping each other in a well-orchestrated, proven process.

A Christian community coming together

It begins with a non-insurance, Christian approach to paying one's medical bills. An alternative that provides a community-centric, caring and compassionate approach that enables a great experience in a marketplace that often is confusing and chaotic for the patient.

Karis Health Choice provides the church and other faith-based organizations with an alternative to the accepted “norms” of co-pays, annual deductibles, networks and dictates on who cares for you.


The Karis Group works together with Samaritan Ministries International, a well-established leader in health care sharing. When your employees choose Karis Health Choice, they will also become Samaritan Ministries members. You’ll find the Ministry’s passion is to lovingly come alongside believing members as they bear one another’s medical burdens without the use of health insurance.

Every month, Samaritan Ministries members generously give to other members with a qualified need. Members send checks, prayers, and notes of encouragement directly to the member in need. Because members are lifting each other up in prayer in addition to sharing monetary gifts, members can minister to the whole need, including the physical, spiritual, and financial aspects.


Health care sharing is provided by Samaritan Ministries.


Long-term partner of Samaritan Ministries.

Great choices are available to create your unique, alternative employee benefits plan

The choices we provide enable you to build a valuable benefits package, that at its core, helps to pay for one’s medical expenses without the use of health insurance. Plus, you can offer additional benefits employees love and count on including:

  • Healthcare sharing
  • Prescription benefits coverage
  • Wellness and preventative services
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing benefits
  • Discounted healthcare related services
  • Expert patient advocacy
  • Concierge service accessed by web, email and phone

You can create a plan design for your organization that employees will find extraordinary, providing a concierge-like level of services unheard of in the healthcare marketplace yet it is affordable.

Getting started with Karis Health Choice

The Karis Group deploys its services for employees most commonly by complementing the products and services already provided by our church clients as part of their employee benefits plan. For example;

  • A church may add the proposed services to their existing offering of employee benefits as a more affordable option for its employees and their families compared to their existing health insurance.
  • Or, a church may displace its health insurance program and deploy the Karis alternative.

No matter the path chosen, our expert team and partners will serve your church, your employees and their families — providing all with a great member experience.

Group Plans

To gain a proposal for your church or other faith-based organization, talk with our experts in plan designs.

Individual Plans

For individuals and families, Karis Health Choice offers household plans and you can easily enroll online.

Karis Health Choice

Healthcare Sharing is not insurance. Please consult the Samaritan Ministries Guidelines for details. Other components of Karis Health Choice may involve insurance provided by select underwriting companies. Please consult these company’s specific insurance policies for terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Your Karis Health Choice representative is available to assist in providing further information on our services.