Our services are focused on making healthcare work for our clients and members

Making healthcare work may seem like a bold statement. We are certainly aware that entire governments have devoted large sums of money on this subject and have gained mixed results. In the U.S., making healthcare work for its citizens, has been part of the country’s dialogue since our founding in 1996.

How does one company make something as complicated and expensive as healthcare, work for healthcare providers, insurance companies and their customers, employers and employees, individuals and families alike?

  • The Karis Group works within the healthcare marketplace as a neutral arbitrator of its “current state” – knowing exactly how things actually work in this marketplace.
  • Our focus is on how to gain the best results for our member — the individual patient. We are a leader in advocating for the patient.
  • The patient gains an experienced team, well-versed in the healthcare marketplace.
  • Our service delivery team provides concierge-like service more expected of a 5-star hotel than in the healthcare marketplace — with each member and their unique healthcare issue personally attended to and addressed.

Our services are customized for each client to best add value to their underlying product or service. For employer groups, our work involves deploying an employee benefits plan design that complements the current offering, improves the member’s experience and lowers the cost. The delivery of our services are made personally relevant to each member’s situation.


Our proven approach to Patient Advocacy

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