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Make your benefits a strategic asset

Whether you’re on the front lines in HR or the one signing the checks, you know how much your benefits package—especially health coverage—impacts your company. Its costs keep getting crazier, yet you need to ensure its competitiveness to recruit and keep talent. For employees, healthcare can be complicated, frustrating—and often financially devastating. Plus, the phone never stops ringing with questions.

We make the system work better for our clients and their employees with cost-containment, navigation and negotiation solutions that personally guide employees through the healthcare maze and lessen its financial impact.

The result? More control over costs. Unique and practical offerings that improve competitiveness. A workforce with improved perceptions of value and understanding of their benefits. And your phone will ring less.

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These problems are likely your company’s problem already

Employees are mostly in the dark when it comes to their healthcare benefits—how to choose and use them wisely, and how much they cost (themselves or your company).


67% of insured employees worry about affording an unexpected medical bill—more than utilities, food or housing - KFF Health Tracking Poll


Up to 80% of hospital bills contain errors. About $210 billion is spent each year on unneeded or overpriced treatments. - Healthline


61% of patients don’t have enough information to affect the cost of their health care decisions - New England Journal of Medicine

Our solutions pay immediate dividends because they directly address these and other issues. We will help your employees navigate the system, decouple cost and quality, guide them to smarter provider and treatment choices, and help them (and your company) avoid costly errors and overcharges.

Find The Right Solution For You

This matters to your people.

According to SHRM, 95% of HR professionals cite healthcare benefits as most important to most of their employees—32% of employees who said they were not likely to look elsewhere for work said their overall benefits package was a top reason. That’s why we’ve built our solutions around making health care work for the end user—your employees and their families—because our success begins there.

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Knowledge & Expertise

We bring 23 years’ experience in the industry based on honesty, integrity and focus.

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High-Touch Service

We deliver highly personalized attention, step-by-step, throughout the process.

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We know health care can be emotional as well as transactional.

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We’ve saved members more than $300,000,000 since 1993.

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We’re professionals who diligently advocate on employees’ behalf, with their interests in mind.

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Employees who gain confidence and control over their situations make better decisions.

What our members say about us

Our success begins with theirs.

I had a great experience with The Karis Group! My representative helped me get out of a tough spot and I will forever appreciate his help!

Ivan Lopez-Bosch

Google Review

Karis has been amazingly helpful with negotiating my medical bills. In the end I got my $50,000 medical bill reduced to about $1,000... Highly highly recommend this great group of people!

Catherine Sargeant

Google Review

I had a question about the cost of a mammogram in my area. The person I spoke with was very professional and took the time to completely understand what I was looking for. I am very pleased!

Linda Kay Watkins Grubbs 

Facebook Review

The Karis Group was a refreshing experience for my wife and I. They first listened to our concerns and quickly explained options we had and assured us they would be with us step by step in working toward a solution.

Wayne Massey

Google Review

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