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Advocacy: Good for people, good for business

Learn how our Patient Advocate, Justine Cavazos, made a difference in the life of one member.



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COVID-19 Has Disrupted Normal Life, Don't Let it Disrupt Your Access to Quality Care.

Health Navigator
Health Navigator

A concierge-style navigation service guiding members through a confusing health care system and driving cost savings while ensuring quality care.

Bill Negotiator
Bill Negotiator

A bill negotiation service employing a unique strategy consisting of direct negotiation, reference-based repricing, and financial aid assistance to drive savings.


Give your members (and their whole family) unlimited access to board-certified primary care physicians and licensed mental health therapists and counselors at an affordable rate.

Second Opinions
Second Opinions

When faced with serious illness, speak with an expert to offer a second opinion that will give members peace of mind to move forward with an appropriate treatment plan.

Who We Help

brokers-icon brokers-icon-H

               We help you help your clients.               

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employers-icon employers-icon-H

We help you compete, contain costs and retain top talent.

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Health Plans and TPAs

We ensure your members' needs are cared for.

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Health Sharing Communities

We help untangle healthcare for your members. 

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What Our Members Say

Our success begins with theirs.

I don't even know how to begin to express the amount of gratitude I have towards everyone working at the Karis Group... Without the services the Karis group provided for my case,  I would be in such a financial hardship...

Amy Richardson

Google Review

The Karis Group was a refreshing experience for my wife and I. They first listened to our concerns and quickly explained options we had and assured us they would be with us step by step in working toward a solution.

Wayne Massey

Google Review

Oh my, I can't express in words how awesome this company is! Joseph got my information 5 days ago and called me today and literally blew my mind, he reduced my medical bills from almost $10,000 to $2,877!

Jawan Jackson

Google Review

I had an amazing experience with Justine of the Karis group. I was grateful for all her help, support, guidance and knowledge on working through my medical bills. It was a pleasure to work with Justine and I think she is amazing!

Theresa Hennesy

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